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This is real life, unfiltered.

15% of our country has an addiction issue.

That’s 45 million people. Each addict negatively impacts 7 people a day. That’s 315 million people – practically every American living in the United States.

Chances are you know someone who is struggling with an addiction or who has a member of their family struggling.

It’s way past the time to start doing something about this epidemic.

The time is now.

I’ve been there myself. More importantly, I have helped over 50,000 former addicts and former prisoners get focused and moving forward with their lives.

Pulling from my own transformative journey with addiction combined with three decades of working with individuals to navigate crises and addiction, I deliver an action-based message that gives individuals impacted by addiction to the tools to move forward.

This is the message your organization has been waiting for.

I combine science-based evidence with my deep passion and insights to get people unstuck. Spiced with humor, I will captivate everyone in the crowd.

You don’t have to be an addict yourself to be stuck. You don’t have to be an addict to be unhappy. The key it to take action to move forward. Together we can do that.

I give audiences the tangible steps to address:

  • The colleague sitting next to you who is turning to painkillers to tackle stress;
  • The co-worker who misses more Monday mornings than anyone else on the team; 
  • The teenager rummaging through grandma's medicine cabinent for party drugs; 
  • The family member who passes out at every gathering;
  • The grown child who relies on his parents to cover basic needs;
  • The friend who only wears long sleeves to cover the bruises;
  • And other debilitating situations that individuals, families, and our society face today.

This is real life. I don’t sugarcoat it. Instead, I inspire audiences to take action today. It’s the raw message people have been craving.


Groups who need to hear this message:

  • Small, dedicated groups wanting to take action;
  • Schools working to encourage youth to help struggling friends and navigate peer pressure. 
  • Churches and faith organizations working to empower congregations;
  • Government agencies, hospitals, and organizations looking for ways to addiction in the workplace.

Any organization looking for ways to address issues around health, drug abuse, addiction, rehabilitation, and recovery. I work directly with event leadership to craft a customized compelling message designed to address the group specifically.

Possible topics include:  

Unfiltered: The Reality of Addiction And What works to change it.

Addressing Barriers to Treatment and Steps to Recovery This no-holds-barred presentation describes the barriers to treatment, what works (shedding light on ineffective approaches) and how individuals, communities, and work environments can get help for those around them.According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “it is estimated that 2.1 million people in the United States suffer from substance use disorders related to prescription opioid pain relievers.”As a society, we are not prepared for the challenges that this new wave of addiction will bring. This presentation, geared toward organizations working with, and individuals impacted by, those struggling with addiction, helps create effective measures to move forward.

Tame the Hurricane: The Guide to Navigating Crisis

Today families and individuals encounter countless challenging situations. From addiction to depression to unhealthy relationships, these types of crises are circumstances that we are not taught how to address. Which means they keep festering.Toxic situations slowly get worse and worse. This presentation empowers dedicated individuals currently navigating relational crises or unhealthy family dynamics to take action. Tangible steps forward include giving the audience permission to take the actions in their best interest, how to outline boundaries, and steps for navigating the aftermath of a crisis. 

Creating Changes that Last

As a society, we are striving to create policy, develop organizations, and implement resources to help curb the growing epidemics we are seeing. Today, we have prison overcrowding, rising recidivism, opioid addiction, and other complex challenges. This presentation equips community activators and organizations to take regional and national measures that create lasting change. Too often there is a disconnect between policy and real life. Other times, organizations that are creating substantial changes struggle to secure necessary funding. Scott shines a light on the discrepancies and helps outline effective measures for moving forward to changes that last.

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