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Are you stuck, scared or unsure of what to do next?

If a situation with a loved one, spouse, or even a child has started to spiral, possibly becoming dangerous or threatening, it’s time to seek help. My name is Scott Silverman, and I help families navigate crisis situations. I am the person you turn to in order to get you and your loved ones unstuck.


My Story

I empower individuals and families to move forward past the crisis and onto the road of recovery.

As founder of Second Chance, I worked to break the cycle of substance abuse, unemployment, poverty, and homelessness for 25,000 at-risk teens and adults going through the incarceration system. Today, I lead the team at Confidential Recovery, an intensive outpatient substance abuse recovery program.

But that’s not why you want to work with me.

You want to work with me because I have been there. I’ve been through the fire and come out on the other side. Thirty years ago I was on the edge. Struggling from addiction, considering suicide, and feeling like things were unraveling. I was at rock bottom. The day after trying to kill myself, I flew home and immediately entered treatment. I lived the embarrassment, fear, and helplessness surrounding addiction. And I have come out the other side whole.

Today I get to live life on life’s terms and I get to give back. I am now 31 years sober, working to empower others on their journey. Regardless if they are a high-powered lawyer turning to opioids, an at-risk teen struggling with suicide, an abusive spouse, or a family dynamic that needs to be addressed, I get results. 

A CNN Hero

Silverman has turned not only his own life around but also the lives of thousands of others. Rehab and volunteering brought him close to a community of others in need.

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